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Single-Phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies

AEG PS’ range of UPS systems contains uninterruptible power supplies in all power classes with 1-phase output power. These UPS are specifically adapted to the requirements of an IT environment. Here, an uninterruptible power supply is essential to ensure a smooth operation and sufficient data protection. With UPS systems, computers and servers are protected against insufficient power quality and shut down running processes in a controlled way during any power cuts.

Protect Home

600 VA
Offline UPS (VFD)

Especially for home applications, the Protect Home offers data line surge protection for telephones, faxes and modems. Connections are made directly to the UPS outlets. Protect Home proves itself in critical situations with its high availability due to a reliable overload and voltage protection.

Protect A

500 - 1600 VA
Line-interactive UPS (VI)

Avoid irreparable damage to your data and system that can cause significant financial loss caused by over voltage or power surges. With easy installation, the compact uninterruptible power supply, Protect A will assure device protection and provide several minutes runtime in case of main power failure. It is ideal for office, network and telecom peripherals.

Protect B Pro

750 - 3000 VA
Line-interactive UPS (VI)
Combined Tower/Rack version

With its high power factor of 0.9, Protect B Pro is one of the most efficient power supply system with VI protection technology. Its advanced battery management system enables to extend battery lifetime as there is a decrease of pole corrosion.

Protect C

1 - 10 kVA
Online / Double Conversion (VFI)

Protect C is a real VFI / double conversion online UPS. The ECO and frequency inverter for operation mode highlights the requirements for a modern versatile UPS. Protect C series is also available on request as a rack mounted version as well as a version with long battery backup time.

Protect D

1 - 10 kVA
Online / Double Conversion (VFI)

Highly efficient with a compact design, Protect D achieves more than 20% higher power in comparison to conventional UPS systems. Providing outstanding performance, superior reliability and longer autonomy times, Protect D also offers multiple communication options, advanced battery management and graphical control in one modular unit.

Protect 1

10 - 20 kVA
Online / Double Conversion (VFI)

Protect 1 series of high powered UPS system is suited for all critical business usages such as networks, data centers, banking and building automation. It allows the flexible and simple setup of a parallel system with a maximum capability of 60kVA.

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