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For over decades, AEG Power Solutions has successfully designed and manufactured uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, with over 70 technology patents registered in energy conversion. The expertise built over years in providing premium quality solutions to secure highly reliable power even in the harshest environment positions uniquely our 3-phase UPS range.
From Oil& Gas platforms, to industrial site and nuclear power stations as well as for Server rooms or data centers, you will find in our range the System, stand-alone or modular that protect your power supply, ensures your business continuity and protect your investments.

Protect Flex

10 - 160 kVA
modular design
up to 4 units in parallel operation

Protect Flex is based on a new concept of UPS systems that combines a modular architecture based on 10 and 15 kVA/kW hot-swappable power modules with a customizable set of options.

Protect Plus S300

10 - 200 kVA
up to 8 units in parallel operations

The combination of high-level performance, with integrated battery solutions, or inbuilt galvanic isolation, the compact footprint and the wide range of options, make Protect Plus S300 the best solution for the power quality of any critical load.

Protect Plus M600

30 - 900 kVA
modular design
up to 3 units in parallel operation

Protect Plus M600 is the modular UPS system that combines high AC/AC efficiency values with a compact footprint and a flexible and scalable architecture, able to reach up to 900 kVA.

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